Product Line



Our recently updated facilities allow us to design and create high quality restorations and custom implant components. We utilize 3 Shape Cad Cam design capabilities and can receive scans from various digital systems.

Crown and Bridge


At Virginia Dental Laboratory, we use the highest quality porcelains for our layered crowns. Our full contour zirconia is colored and sintered to match the requested shade before stain and glaze is done for best esthetics. Our lithium disilicate Emax crowns are waxed here and pressed in our lab by our experienced technicians.

We offer:

  • Porcelain to metal
  • Layered Zirconia
  • Layered Emax press
  • Full contour Emax
  • Full contour Zirconia
  • Full metal
  • Post and Core
  • Veneers
  • Implant crowns



We can scan and design custom milled abutments in both titanium and zirconia, or we can use the stock abutments that you send. Bar cases and full mouth restorations are also an option that we can help you with.



At Virginia Dental Laboratory, we offer quality Removables at a reasonable price. Acrylic dentures, acrylic to metal partials, flexible partials, mouth guards, and splints are some of the options we provide. Implant overdentures are indicated for patients that require a more stable fit.

Sleep Apnea


At Virginia Dental Laboratory, we offer a variety of sleep appliances:

  • CRMP Appliance
  • Thornton Adjustable Positioner - TAP IIIĀ©
  • SomnoMedĀ© MAS
  • SilentNiteĀ©



Now more than ever, patients are asking for a clear aligner solution.
With these aligners, you can expect:
  • Reliable customer service and support for every case
  • Average refinement rate of 5% and up to 20% fewer aligner stages
  • A complete solution from Virginia Dental Laboratory
  • Intuitive software that is easy for experienced and new staff to navigate
  • Made in the USA with premium thermoformed materials and FDA-approved